As the Sun Rises


So it has been forever since I last blogged but that’s mostly because last Quarter I was really busy – but here is one product of all that time and energy.

I made this film for a class project for my documentary film class. Its the first film class i’ve ever taken and my second film ever. It’s obviously less then perfect but it was so fun to make and the learning curve was immense! It’s really one of my hearts desires to continue to make films and to increase my skills and capacity as a film maker.

One day I would really love to make films with an organization like : What Took you so long- ( or something of that nature) Check them out at  But who knows – Im just a ball of passions so who knows what Ill do but I was so excited to see this project through – it was the motivation that I needed to get me excited to go forward with more projects!

The experience of meeting all the people in my film and getting to explore the world through a camera and through the stories and ideas of others is unlike anything else. I cherish that as much as I cherish my ‘finished’ product!

The film explores various ways that different people perceive and understand God in a general sense and as that relates to their lives- I also interject my own take and ideas.

I hope you enjoy it!